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December 1, 2017--I've added new photos of RB-4/TB-3 #8914-3, the "Paul Schantz", with it new five-string conversion neck by luthier Larry Cohea.

November 22, 2017--Here are the Gibson banjo shipping totals for October 1942.  The factory was increasingly devoted to war work by this time, with a new record low of only eight banjos being shipped.  Materiel-related shipments were made to Rearwin Aircraft and Engine Company, Porterfield Aircraft, Gibson Refrigerator Company, and the Robertson Aircraft Corporation.

November 21, 2017--This 1931 GB-1 guitar banjo is one of only thirty-three such instruments made, according to Gibson researcher Joe Spann.

November 20, 2017--Recording King M-6 tenor banjo #EW-509 is a very nice example of the banjos produced by Gibson for Montgomery Ward in the late 1930s; this one was shipped to Montgomery Ward in Denver, Colorado on June 30, 1939.

November 16, 2017--Here's another beautiful Florentine, this one dating to 1927-1928 with a plectrum neck and Bella Voce peghead and fingerboard.

October 23, 2017--TB-Florentine Mastertone #9654-1 has a factory order number dating to 1930, but wasn't shipped until 1941.  It's also one of the very few Florentines with a one-piece flange.

October 7, 2017--TB-1 #9877-8 dates to 1931 and, in addition to the rare factory-original Granada-style engraving on the tension hoop, features some eye-catching customizations by a previous owner.

August 28, 2017--TB-Granada Mastertone #9152-26 dates to 1928 and was owned for many years by Herbert Reese (1913-1992), a Baltimore native who is believed to have bought the banjo used in Oklahoma in the 1950s.

August 26, 2017--Gibson's 1927 banjo catalog proclaimed the Bella Voce model "an instrument of character and distinction"; TB-Bella Voce Mastertone #0283-84 dates to 1927-1928 and recently surfaced after many years in storage.

August 21, 2017--TB-3 Mastertone #9549-39 dates to 1930 and recently turned up in Hyde Park, New York.

August 9, 2017--The last couple of months have been incredibly busy, with more old Gibson banjos coming out of the woodwork than ever before!  As a result, I have been neglectful in updating the site but here we go again with TB-3 Mastertone #9220-32. . . it's in a wonderful state of preservation and features personalization by the original owner on its aftermarket pickguard.

May 25, 2017--TB-1 #9464-79 dates to 1929 and is from the very first regular-production batch of Gibson banjos featuring the new one-piece cast metal flange produced by Doehler Die Casting.

May 7, 2017--TB-75 Mastertone #664-7, the "Richard Harter", is about to celebrate its seventy-ninth birthday, having originally been shipped on May 16, 1938 to Loser's Music Store in Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

April 19, 2017--I'm continuing to add to my new page on Postwar Gibson Banjos. . . today's addition is RB-150 #6481-77, previously owned by South African banjoist John Herbert Knight.

April 12, 2017--Here are the Gibson banjo shipping totals for September 1942.  Gibson shipped twenty-one banjos that month, half of them five-strings.  The factory's conversion to war work continued to gain momentum, with materiel-related shipments being made to Rearwin Aircraft and Engine Company, Gibson Refrigerator Company, Shakespeare Company, Porterfield Aircraft, Kalamazoo Sled Company, Fairchild Aircraft, and Wright Field (now Wright-Patterson Air Force Base).

April 10, 2017--TB-150 #1057-16 dates to 1949 and is one of the first banjos to be produced after Gibson's hiatus in production during World War II.  Since I've been coming across more and more of these interesting postwar banjos lately, I've decided to launch a page for Postwar Gibson Banjos. . . more to come soon!

March 30, 2017--TB-3 Mastertone #9489-72 is from one of the first lots of the model after its transition to the one-piece-flange in 1929.

March 21, 2017--The banjo family as envisioned by Gibson before World War II included the guitar-banjo; GB-1 #8540-5 is one such instrument dating to 1926.

March 4, 2017--TB-3 Mastertone #9259-5 was owned for many years by Oxford, Mississippi resident "Thousand Fingers" Smith, who acquired it as a teenager in the late 1930s.

January 18, 2017--I have uploaded the Gibson banjo shipping totals for August 1942.  The factory began its war work in earnest this month (more about that soon), but still shipped thirteen banjos including one RB-75 and a new-old-stock TB-6.

January 16, 2017--Welcome to our nineteenth year!  To start off 2017 we have TB-3 Mastertone #8161-28, which dates to late 1925 and features a very unusual peghead logo.

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