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November 2, 2006--Lots of you are probably aware that that wild and crazy guy,
Steve Martin, is also a banjo player.  I'm honored to now be linked from his site!

September 30, 2006--Style 1 mania!  New additions include an unbelievably pristine RB-1 from British Columbia by way of Tim Mullins, a never-before-seen short-scale TB-1 with Bella Voce inlays (also from British Columbia--what are the chances?), and an extremely rare TB-1 with Nick Lucas inlays.  The latter features some high-resolution artistic photos by gifted young photographer Jillian Pilch.

July 29, 2006--Another great contribution from Ken Landreth:  highly-detailed photos of a completely original RB-1 #9563-14.

July 26, 2006--Ken Landreth has kindly sent in some photos of RB-75 #F5883-1 which can be compared to those of its "littermate", #F5883-5.

July 11, 2006--Original, unaltered TB-11s are getting harder and harder to find. . . here's a nice one complete with its original pearloid pickguard.

July 7, 2006--Joe Spann's TB-Granada #9557-2 is about as nice as they come!  Wonder how many are still out there under folks' beds???  And who wouldn't like to come across a beautiful, unmolested TB-1 like #9543-31?

Joe Dubow has a nice early PB-3, a rare diamond-flange RB-1, and an original Kalamazoo five-string.

April 3, 2006--Another fascinating "floor-sweep" model has just surfaced, one of those banjos put together by Gibson employees in the early forties out of whatever parts they happened to have on hand.

Your webmaster finally got around to correcting a long-standing error on the
RB-3 #9528-4 page. . . the photos are now properly credited to Tim Mullins.  Thanks for the pics of this landmark banjo, Tim!

February 2, 2006--Condolences to Earl Scruggs and his family on the death of his wife and business partner Louise Scruggs today. 

Today's new feature is Dale Keslering's astounding five-string flathead RB-4 with Florentine peghead overlay and fingerboard. . . definitely GFAO (go find another one).

January 6, 2006--Happy Birthday Earl Scruggs!  And welcome to the new home of the Prewar Gibson Banjo website.  Please update any links or bookmarks you may have so you can come visit us often!

I have spent quite a bit of time going over the entire site correcting format glitches and repairing (I hope) all broken links.  Now that I have things a little better under control this site will be updated much more regularly than in the past.  In fact, I have lots of new stuff "in the can" which will be posted as soon as I find the time.  For now, here are some newly-added goodies:

I had the privilege of working with John Drummond of banjo.com to help
PB-3 #9580-6 and
RB-75 #518-3 find good homes within the past year.  Neither one of these banjos was on my site before, but they are now amply represented with what are, as far as I now, the best quality photographs available anywhere on the web of prewar flathead Mastertones.  Take a good look. . . these are
the real thing

Speaking of flathead 3s, the site now includes not one, not two, not three, but four banjos from the famous batch #9528 of flathead RB-3s with wreath inlays: 
RB-3 #9528-1, RB-3 #9528-3, RB-3 #9528-4, and RB-3 #9528-7.

If, like me, you grew up to the sound of Earl Scruggs' banjo, you will probably get chills like I did to get a peek inside The Granada, courtesy of Greg Rich.

Lots more to come!