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March 19, 2018--TB-6 Mastertone #9226-11, the "Francis Koekenberg/Paul Lloyd" dates to 1928 and is a beautiful example of Gibson's newly-introduced gold-plated, engraved Mastertone; it saw many years of service in the Philadelphia Mummers Parade.

February 23, 2018--TB-1 #8479-41 is from three years earlier than the one in the previous update; in 1926 the model was still using bracket-shoe construction and a separate flange with diamond-shaped holes.

February 14, 2018--TB-1 #124-7 dates to 1931 and features the diamonds-and-squares inlay pattern that had previously been used on style 3 Mastertones.  According to the current owner, her grandfather was given the banjo many years ago as collateral for a loan.

February 11, 2018--Here are the Gibson banjo shipping totals for November 1942.  The company shipped twenty-two banjos this month, up from only eight the previous month; wartime shipments continued to companies including Rearwin Aircraft and Engine Company, Kalamazoo Railway Supply Company, Crosby Corporation, Robertson Aircraft Corporation, and Gibson Refrigerator Company.  There were also two shipments of violin outfits for military personnel.

February 10, 2018--Today we have a very nice original 1925 TB-3 Mastertone that remains in the family of its original owner, Charles Dexheimer of St. Louis, Missouri.

January 23, 2018--It's hard to believe, but this website celebrates its twentieth anniversary this year!  It started with just a handful of banjos and now features over 270, many of them from the families of their original owners.  Today's addition is a business card belonging to Smokey O'Shea, a resident of Mexico, New York who owned TB-3 Mastertone #1034-3 and played it with his band, The Arizona Ramblers, in the 1940s and 1950s.

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