Gibson TB-2 #8650-25


In the 1920s, style 2 was the fanciest non-Mastertone in the Gibson banjo line.  This 1927 example has an eleven-inch, three-ply maple rim with bracket shoes and a diamond-hole flange.  The hardware is nickel-plated and the wood is maple finished in a walnut color, with white binding on the neck and the back edge of the resonator only.  This banjo also features an unusual tone ring in a modified archtop design which is often seen on style 2 banjos from this period.  The tailpiece is a Grover "first model", and the tuners are Grovers held on by two screws.  The peghead shape is unique to style 2 and the fingerboard inlays were also used on Gibson's Nick Lucas model flattop guitar of the period.

The back of the resonator has been refinished by Wyatt Fawley.

Photos courtesy of Arnold Zobrist.