Gibson TB-1 #8671-82

#8671-82 Gibson banjo TB-1 peghead    #8671-82 Gibson banjo TB-1 front    #8671-82 Gibson banjo TB-1 back    #8671-82 Gibson banjo TB-1 pot neck    #8671-82 Gibson banjo TB-1 pot angled

#8671-82 Gibson banjo TB-1 pot front    #8671-82 Gibson banjo TB-1 pot angled    #8671-82 Gibson banjo TB-1 resonator

#8671-82 Gibson banjo TB-1 factory order numbers in resonator    #8671-82 Gibson banjo TB-1 The Gibson decal    #8671-82 Gibson banjo TB-1 factory order number in rim    #8671-82 Gibson banjo TB-1 December 25, 1928

Here's a nice example of a lower-end Gibson tenor banjo dating to circa 1927 (see Gibson banjo serial numbers vs. factory order numbers).  The style 1 of this period featured a bracket shoe construction and a flange with hexagonal openings; style 1 was a non-Mastertone model and therefore had no true tone ring--only a small-diameter brass hoop on top of the rim.  The hardware is nickel-plated and the wood is dark-stained maple.  The inlay is a simple dot pattern and the only peghead ornamentation is a silkscreened "The Gibson" logo.  The date "December 25, 1928" is written in pencil on the underside of the calfskin head; this is purported to be the date the banjo was presented to its original owner, a thirteen-year-old girl whose name has unfortunately been lost to history.

Photos courtesy of Robert Bowden.